The Team 

Hilary La ThropeHilary La Thrope
Veterinary Surgeon

Qualified in 1977, I have a vast amount of experience in veterinary practice, working in the local area for most of my professional life.  I started Kings Road Veterinary Centre in the early 80s and later Darwin Veterinary Centre in the 90s.

More recently I have been working as senior veterinary surgeon for the Celia Hammond Animal Trust in Lewisham and Canning Town.  This is a charity that is passionate about the welfare of cats. In addition to rescue/rehoming and affordable veterinary treatment /neutering the charity provides orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical referrals.   For the past few years, I have been responsible for much of the orthopaedic and soft tissue surgical referral cases.  I have gained a great deal of pleasure being involved in providing affordable orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery and plan to continue to provide affordable referrals .

Whilst working, I am also undertaking a post-graduate degree in orthopaedics under the auspices of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Small Animal Veterinary Association.   This is further extending my knowledge of the more challenging surgical procedures and will enable me to offer an even better service to our clients and their pets as well as referred orthopaedic and other cases.

Hilary La ThropeHilary La ThropeHilary La Thrope



Sarah La ThropeSarah La Thrope
Practice Manager

We are developing our practice to offer excellent patient care and a friendly, welcoming experience for all our clients.

Our practice is very much a family affair, mum and I are working together to establish a practice that offers top quality patient care .....

                                                                 ..... your pet really does come first .....

I worked with mum some years ago and am really excited to be doing so again, we know one another so well and have the same aims and aspirations.

Sarah La ThropeOver the years we have had lots of pets, from giant land snails and stick insects to cats, dogs and ponies.  Sadly, we recently lost our 14 year old Rottweiler “Rio”, we miss her massively but she had a wonderful life and a happy and comfortable old age.  Our other dog is the opposite end of the dog spectrum, being a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, Mimi, she is 9 years old but we’ve only had her a couple of years since she had a major leg surgery.



Kylie Simons
Veterinary Surgeon

Kylie graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2008.  After volunteering in the Cook Islands for a charity she settled in Guildford at a small animal practice for 3.5 years.  In September 2012 Kylie started working at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust where she met Hilary and after 18 months gaining valuable surgical experience she joined us at Ashmore Vets when a position came up for a second vet.  Kylie enjoys all aspects of general practice, particularly medicine cases and ultrasonography. She is also qualified in Western Acupuncture and is able to offer this service to our clients or on a referral basis from other practices.

In her spare time Kylie is mostly found at the stables looking after and riding her naughty ex-racehorse, she also has 2 rescue cats from Celia Hammond.



Claire GumbletonClaire Gumbleton
Veterinary Surgeon

Claire is a recent graduate from University College Dublin, Ireland. After graduating she worked in a mixed animal practice in the south of Ireland. Whilst there, she had the opportunity to treat all creatures great and small but found that her passion truly lay in companion animal practice. Wishing to expand her horizons and experience the buzz of city life, Claire moved over to London and started working with us in October 2020. Claire has a keen interest in surgery and looks forward to enhancing both her soft tissue and in particular, her orthopaedic surgical skills.

In her spare time, Claire loves to bake and provides the team with lots of sweet treats. At the weekends, she likes nothing better than to explore the countryside, hiking up mountains and adventuring through forests. Sadly, her favourite little four-legged walking buddy, Lucy, had to stay at home in Ireland but she is hoping to foster another dog soon to keep her company!



Diarmaid TanseyDiarmaid Tansey
Veterinary Surgeon
Diarmaid graduated from University College Dublin in 1991, and has experience in many areas of veterinary work. He spent 8 years at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust charity where he worked with both Hilary and Kylie. After Hilary, Diarmaid was the senior vet at the Lewisham branch for several years. During that time he gained a further qualification in Emergency Medicine and Surgery.

Diarmaid has two elderly rescue cats.



June Rayner
Head Veterinary Nurse

June has been working with us since October 2015.

June started off her nursing carer at Beresford Vets in 2002 and then has spent the past 9 years working at Celia Hamond Animal Trust, starting of as an animal care assistant and with experience took on the role as a veterinary nurse. With her time at Celia's June has a lot of experience with nursing and enjoys all aspects of taking care of the animals in her care. June has a special interest in laboratory work.

In her spare time she looks after her two cats, Angel and Spike and her bouncy Labrador Sophie who she rescued as a 4 month old puppy.



Amy O BrienAmy O'Brien
Veterinary Nurse

Amy has been a veterinary nurse for 20 years and joined us in 2020 bringing a wealth of invaluable knowledge with her. Amy has worked in every aspect of nursing and has a keen interest in emergency, critical care and exotics.

In Amy's spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, son and 3 cats that monopolise a lot of her time outside of work, Amy also enjoys socialising and reading in particular.

Amy is extremely passionate about her work and gives no less than 110% everyday.



Ellen Farrelly
Veterinary Nurse

Ellen started volunteering at Ashmore Vets in 2015 and went on to work at a practice in south London in till a permanent job came available here. Ellen has four cats at home which she has taken in and you will often find her fostering the waifs and strays from here too. We do a lot of work for charities and the wildlife and she particularly enjoys all the work we do for ProDogsDirect charity being able to help give the dogs a second chance of being loved.



Harriet Donegan
Veterinary Nurse

Harriet started volunteering at FOAL farm in 2004 and subsequently became a full time member of staff for 10 years there where she worked in the stables, kennels and exotics. Harriet started volunteering here in September and became a full time member of the team in January 2016. Harriet has already in the short time of being here taken home one cat that needed a permanent home and is trying to resist all the other animals that need a loving home that we see. When Harriet is not working she is kept busy by her 5 year old daughter, 2 cats, 3 snails and fish.



Faith AllfreyFaith Allfrey
Veterinary Care Assistant (VCA)

I have always loved animals, and from a young age have felt a connection to them. Having initially thought veterinary medicine was the career for me, I found out my nurturing nature suited nursing much more! After doing work experience at Ashmore Vets before, I officially joined the team in December 2018 as their Vet Care Assistant (VCA). When I'm not working, I'm painting animal portraits for clients, or spending time with my 11 year old staffy Indie, and 3 cats (Casper, Meeko and Beau)!



Sandie Fay

Sandie joined the reception team at Ashmore in Nov 2017. She has previously owned two horses, and now lives with her six Devon Rex and one British Shorthair cat



Andrea Sault

Andrea joined the Ashmore team as a part time receptionist in November 2017. A client of the practice and lifelong pet lover she has a Mini Schnauzer and 2 Oriental cats. She is hoping her furry gang will increase with an animal in need of a home very soon!



Lynne MoteLynne Mote

One of my earliest memories as a child was wishing I was Doctor Doolittle so I could talk to the animals! I’ve always loved them and enjoyed connecting with them. In my 20’s I started working for Parkvets and stayed there for 13 years, along the way I was lucky to adopt a few furry and feathered family members that needed homes.

In my spare time I love walking in nature, doing yoga and meditating. I also passed Reiki level 1 and intend to learn other levels in the future. I also love cooking (and eating!) and most weekends I am baking or trying a new recipe. My other hobby is gaming on my PC and I have lots of lovely online friends from all over the world that I chat with as we play. I even built my own gaming computer!



Claire CunninghamClaire Cunningham

Claire joined the team in December 2020 with 6 years previous experience working as veterinary receptionist. Claire really enjoys looking after clients and building the rapport between a client and their veterinary practice. Claire has an interest in looking after clients and their pets at the hardest time of owning an animal. She has undertaken 3 courses in bereavement and feels passionate about making this time as easy as she can for owners and their animals.

Claire lives with her husband, 4 dogs and cat Betsy Boo



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