From 6th April 2016, all dogs will be required to be microchipped by law and it will be the owners requiremnt to keep their contact details updated.

For more infomation please visit the BVA website: http://www.bva.co.uk/News-campaigns-and-policy/Policy/Companion-animals/Microchipping/

Every year, more than 6,000 pets go missing. Here’s how to make sure yours comes back.

There’s no guarantee that a collar and tag will stay with your pet but there are no such worries with Identichip. Identichip is a tiny electronic chip (the size of a grain of rice) which is injected into your pet as simply and quickly as any other injection. Then if your pet goes missing it’s as if it has its own barcode. Stray pets are routinely scanned for the Identichip by vets, rescue kennels, stray dog homes, etc – there are over 4000 scanners in the UK. This brings up the computer record with your details and in moments the pet’s owner and details will be known. We can Identichip your pet and give you instant peace of mind.

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