Information Sheets 

Care of your pet’s bandage:

Your pet’s bandage must be kept clean and dry at all times, if it becomes soiled, wet or damaged please return to the surgery straight away.

For dogs, a plastic bag can be placed over the bandage when going outside but must be removed afterwards to prevent the paw becoming moist and sweaty.

Also contact the surgery if :

  • The bandage slips or becomes twisted
  • The bandage causes chafing of the skin
  • The toes (if visible) become swollen or discoloured
  • There is any discharge or odour from the bandage
  • Your pet shows discomfort or starts to chew the bandage

Always ensure that you return for a bandage check or bandage change on the date(s) arranged, these are usually at weekly intervals.


Cruciate disease:

 ... much information to follow ...










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