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Hilary La Thrope BVMS MRCVS

 Here at the Ashmore Veterinary Centre I aim to provide an affordable non-specialist surgical referral service for pets and their owners.  This service is specifically intended for those that cannot afford specialist referral and where surgical cases cannot be managed in the referring practice.

 I have over 30 years experience and my aim is to bridge the gap between the specialist and the charity referral.  Until recently I have been working as senior veterinary surgeon for the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, where I have been primarily responsible for the referred surgical cases. 

 Specialist referral is the preferred option wherever possible, but if your pet is un-insured or you cannot afford the cost of a surgical procedure I may be able to help.  Please note that this is only for clients who are referred by their veterinary surgeon by telephoning us on 01689 855840 or emailing  on

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